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What students have been signing up to most…

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has been in high demand for her valuable input regarding health freedom, vaccines, and other subjects that have been pushed to the headlines. Dr. Tenpenny has been in countless interviews, podcasts, radio shows, and more. She’s always out there lending a calm and intelligent voice to the conversation.


The Stork Course Webinar

This was a LIVE webinar where Dr. Tenpenny discussed multiple topics: flat and crooked heads, Hep B and Vitamin K vaccines and supplements. Come on in and learn what Dr. Janet Levatin, a holistic pediatrician, suggests is essential for selecting a pediatrician that is best for your family. [1 Video, Length: 109 min, Access to Forums]


How Spike Proteins Work

One of the top questions we get each day is "How do spike proteins work?"
We have put all the information you need about Spike Proteins in this easy to follow course in Learning 4 You. Everyone should have a concrete understanding of this information. [1 Video, Length: 24 min, Access to Forum]


Our Genome, The New Battlefield

Dr. Lee Merritt gives us an exciting and frightening look at bioweapons and genetic weapons. She teaches the history of how research of these technologies has evolved from cloning to sequencing of genomes and beyond. Having specialized training and experience, Dr. Merritt clearly explains this difficult topic and puts it all into clear focus for us. Is this a world ending threat? [2 Videos, Length Vid 1: 29 min, Vid 2: 32 min, Downloadable Material]


What About Polio?

The word polio has long burned images into the collective psyche. In fact, 63 years after the polio vaccine was released (in 1955) when asked, “What pops into your head when you hear the word polio?” – the vast majority still say: paralysis, kids with braces. FDR, March of Dimes, or iron lung machines.

The truth about polio infections and the polio vaccine are rarely discussed. What if it is very different than the story you’ve been told? [2 Videos, Length: Vid 1: 50 min, Vid 2: 41 min, Downloadable Material]


What About Smallpox?

Nearly every time you begin a conversation with someone who is pro-vaccine or has never given vaccination much thought, the discussion usually starts with, “Well, they eliminated smallpox with vaccines didn’t they?”

Did they? What if most of what you’ve known about smallpox and the smallpox vaccine was incorrect? [2 Videos, Length: Vid 1: 37 min, Vid 2: 26 min, Downloadable Material]


Chlorine Dioxide and Restoring Ancient Medicine

Dr. Lee Merritt addresses the confusion of Chlorine Dioxide and sheds light on the history, uses and more. Join her in this presentation as she provides a practical guide to getting started on this journey. [1 Video, Length: 49 min, Downloadable Material]


EMF Protection: Science and Practice

According to over 20,000 studies and scientific papers, household EMF’s can cause many different symptoms and biological effects. These effects may include: fatigue, sleep disturbances, difficulties in concentration, enhanced negative effects on children, headache, increased risk of cancer, reproductive disturbances and many, many more.

Interestingly, bio-effects from EMF's ALWAYS include DNA Damage… that's simply scary!

In this course, Dr. Lee Merritt will guide you to an understanding of exactly what EMF's are, their history and what proactive steps you can to take to reduce your daily exposure & risks. [1 Video, Length: 61 min, Downloadable Material]


Parasitic Disease & Healing

For two decades Dr. Jason Dean has been working with patients from all over the globe handling complicated chronic health cases as well as autism and leaky gut. In this two-part presentation, Dr. Dean takes you through, not only the basics of how he ended up being one of the premier experts in the parasitic and Lyme infection world, but also takes you step by step through the reasons for why so many people struggle with parasites, Lyme and leaky gut type infections.
[2 Videos, Length: ~ 30min Each]



We’ve learned a lot from our flagship MVI Boot Camps about how our students learn. We’ve shaped each series of courses to be accessible and easy to follow. You get LIFETIME* access to each VaccineU course (excluding Boot Camp and where otherwise noted). This means you can revisit the material anytime you like.



It’s never been more important than it is RIGHT NOW to educate yourself and learn your option.

Our courses have shaped and supported parents, leaders, activists, and more. We’re working to provide more and more resources to empower you and your own community to make healthy and informed decisions.



You’re never alone nor very far from contact with other students in our courses or with our very own Mentors. Your instructors and Mentors will be actively answering questions in the course portals.

As a student, you will be invited to special open video events and be first to know of new courses and features.

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We’ve evolved our course system over the years to provide you with the absolute best learning experience you can find in our movement.

#1. We Understand YOU

You need to know the important points to make informed choices. We’re just like you and we’ve created our courses to serve you in the best ways possible. We know and understand worries around health choices, especially in today’s troubled environment.

#2. Critical Thinking is Essential

When we began designing our courses, we recognized that we needed to help everyone with critical thinking skills, language skills, and more beyond just offering static information. The world of health freedom is confusing and messaging is strong. We give you the tools to navigate through media manipulation and challenging conversations.

#3. We Offer a Variety of Courses

Perhaps better than anyone else, we offer a large variety of EXCLUSIVE courses and we’re always working to add more. From our Cognitive Dissonance Course to the new COVID Series, we have you covered!

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