Q: Can I join anytime during the year?

A: Of course, you can! You can join anytime. This is a personal quest that you are sharing with our community. Join anytime you are comfortable. It will be more difficult to achieve the last goal, but you WILL get healthier and achieve everything you can!

Q: I live in a city. Do Urban Hikes count?

A: Absolutely! Log them and photograph them the same. Some of the Side Quests may be difficult, but we can work with you!

Q: What qualifies as a hike for this challenge?

A: A hike, for the purposes of THIS CHALLENGE, must be outdoors and not a part of your regular, daily routine. The minimum distance for the hike to count is 1/2 mile total distance hiked – out and back, not just one way A hike is on foot… not a bicycle, motorcycle, etc. If you hike in a wheelchair, that is fine!

Q: Do I really have to wear a backpack during my hikes?

A: This Challenge is about Survival and your ability to do so. Wearing your pack at the suggested weight minimum is to prepare you for the real challenge of carrying your survival gear in an emergency. So, yes, you should wear your backpack, loaded with the proper weight, during each hike.

Q: I started hiking on January 1st, before I signed up. Can I still count these hikes on my log sheets?

A: Absolutely! The Challenge is during the Calendar Year of January 1 through December 31. Just enter those hikes in your log sheet. Each hike only counts once through the entire year.

Q: I am involved in other challenges. Can I count hikes from there, too?

A: Yes! To us, any qualifying hike works even if you count it on some other challenge out there.

Q: Do I have to complete all 365 miles?

A: No! You can stop anywhere along the Challenge. Some people will be comfortable making it to 50 or 100 miles. Regardless, you should stay active in the Challenge Community!

Q: I haven’t received my sticker or patch, yet! Where is it?

A: Be patient! It takes 2 to 4 weeks of processing time and mailing for standard mail to reach you. If you are out of the United States, we should have reached out to you regarding shipping.