Welcome to your Alumni Access Copy

In an effort to consolidate all of the “Classic” Boot Camp materials into an easy-to-access portal, we elected to create THIS separate place to hold your information to continue your education or to revisit materials as you wish. All Boot Camps prior to Spring 2021 are considered “Classic” with the very first one, Fall 2018/Spring 2019, being the original “Beta” course. All of these materials are now here, for all Alumni.

Some materials may be in sections that seem out-of-sync with what you recall, but the layout here makes the most sense for all of us. Plus, you end up having access to ALL year videos and more. If you find any glaring omissions, please do send an email to help@learning4you.org and let us know! We will continue to monitor, clean up, and build here as needed to make sure we give you the BEST value we can.