Courses regarding Vaccines and their impact on you.

Exiting the System

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Our current “health care system” is an oxymoron (a self-contradicting word or group of words: Merriam Webster), focused on diagnosis management & not overall health. It is oftentimes driven by what the insurance company will pay for, not what is best for the patient. Doctors seem to only know how to follow …

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Becoming Your Own Healer

Dr. Larry Palevsky Have you ever asked yourself… Dr. Palevsky explains the basics of how the human body functions in both health & illness. This course will teach you:

How to Live Healthy

Dr. Carrie Madej The human body is not simply a collection of individual parts – every cell is inter-connected; every input and/or output has an effect on the entire being – we are created in Gods image to be a beautiful balance of the mind, body & soul. Man made substances cannot & do not …

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Are Vaccines Effective?

The expression, “vaccines are safe and effective” is repeated in virtually every article and textbook that wants to only advance the positive aspects of vaccination. As a parent and a patient, we assume that when we hear “vaccines are effective,” it means that the “vaccine will keep me from getting sick.” But is that really …

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Are Vaccines Safe?

Vaccines are touted as the most important public health contribution of the 21st century. We are told vaccines are safe; vaccines are effective – i.e. they protect you from getting sick; and that vaccines are so important, vaccines should be mandatory for all. But are vaccines safe? Have then even been appropriately tested for safety? …

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How To Read A Package Insert

Course description: Those who admonish others to, “educate before you vaccinate,” general direct new parents to “read the package insert.” This actually is a very good place to start, if you have a medical background. If not, the folded paper that is loaded with many categories, medical terminology and tiny print can be daunting. In …

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