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Dr. Lee Merritt, The Medical Rebel, has an exclusive series of courses at Learning4You. Learn about bio-weapons, genetic weapons, and more. Dr. Merritt completed an Orthopaedic Surgery Residency in the United States Navy and served 9 years as a Navy physician and surgeon before returning to Rochester, where she was the only woman to be appointed as the Louis A. Goldstein Fellow of Spinal Surgery.

Dr. Merritt has been in the private practice of Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery since 1995, has served on the Board of the Arizona Medical Association, and is past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. She has had a long interest in wellness and fitness, and has been Fellowship Certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.


Our Genome, The New Battlefield

Dr. Lee Merritt gives us an exciting and frightening look at bioweapons and genetic weapons. She teaches the history of how research of these technologies has evolved from cloning to sequencing of genomes and beyond. Having specialized training and experience, Dr. Merritt clearly explains this difficult topic and puts it all into clear focus for us. Is this a world ending threat? [2 Videos, Length Vid 1: 29 min, Vid 2: 32 min, Downloadable Material]


The Miracle of Water

As Dr. Merritt tends to do, she demystifies water and reveals all of the things we have so frequently been lied to about. Nature "did it right" and we should strive to recreate it.
What does the chlorination of household and drinking water really do to the consumer? Does it actually HARM your immune system and beneficial flora? Water has both memory and structure. It's about time YOU learn more about this basic tool for your health and longevity.
Dr. Lee Merritt takes a deep dive into the sometimes FORBIDDEN science of water and its unique qualities. You don't want to miss this one! [1 Video, Length: 65 min]


Chlorine Dioxide and Restoring Ancient Medicine

Dr. Lee Merritt addresses the confusion of Chlorine Dioxide and sheds light on the history, uses and more. Join her in this presentation as she provides a practical guide to getting started on this journey. [1 Video, Length: 49 min, Downloadable Material]


EMF Protection: Science and Practice

According to over 20,000 studies and scientific papers, household EMF’s can cause many different symptoms and biological effects. These effects may include: fatigue, sleep disturbances, difficulties in concentration, enhanced negative effects on children, headache, increased risk of cancer, reproductive disturbances and many, many more.

Interestingly, bio-effects from EMF's ALWAYS include DNA Damage… that's simply scary!

In this course, Dr. Lee Merritt will guide you to an understanding of exactly what EMF's are, their history and what proactive steps you can to take to reduce your daily exposure & risks. [1 Video, Length: 61 min, Downloadable Material]


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