COVID Series

COVID Series

This is our EXCLUSIVE COVID Series.
We’ve graduated some of the most amazing parents, leaders, and activists and
created an exciting community.


COVID Series – Dr. Tenpenny Presentation

In this two-hour community presentation, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny takes the audience through The Eight Elements of COVID. [1 Video, Length: 143 min, Access to Forums]


COVID Series – Myth of the Mask

It is widely known and acknowledged in the scientific and medical literature and scientific communities that face masks worn to stop the spread of viral respiratory infections are ineffective.
If the scientific literature has long demonstrated that masks were effective, why did public health experts move to aggressively enforce wearing them, even in the confines of your own home? More than 40 years of science has consistently concluded that masks don’t work. No new science emerged to counter this conclusion. So, what is the basis for the change in direction that emerged from our public health experts? What's happening in the world today, including the misinformation surrounding community mask wearing, is about political agendas, symbolism, control and fear, not science. [1 Video, Length: 65 min, Downloadable Material, Access to Forums]

In this module, you will learn:
- A short overview of the history of wearing masks in medical situations
- The truth about the N95 masks
- Direct evidence about the effectiveness various types of face coverings and their level of protection against the SARS-CoV2 virus
- The types of toxic chemicals delivered to the lungs from mask materials
- The many times of health conditions caused by wearing masks even 2 hours per day
- How to replay to the retort, “Well, surgeons wear them all day.”
- How masks violate OSHA guidelines for lowering oxygen concentrations
- The tremendous strains and overload put on the environment by disposal of masks and other plastic-coated personal protective devices (PPDs)
- Fast facts about why children should NEVER wear a mask
- What can be done instead to clean surfaces to avoid mask wearing
- The laundry list of organizations participating in the Global Shut Down and Reorganization


COVID Series – The Fraud of PCR Testing

PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. PCR testing was developed by Kary Mullis, PhD to study DNA genetic material. This was the lab technique created by Kary Mullis for which he was awarded the Noble Prize in chemistry in 1993. Unfortunately, he passed away in Fall, 2019 at the age of 74. PCR was, and still is, only meant to be a manufacturing technique; it was never intended to be used as a clinical, diagnostic tool to detect viruses.
To study RNA genetic sequences, such as the coronaviruses, the reverse transcriptase enzyme must be used to transcribe RNA back into DNA before the amplification process is applied. The tiny trace of genetic material must be amplified (multiplied) until there is enough material to be identified. The doubling of genetic material reaches a number where it can be detected. This value is called the cyclic threshold (Ct). When a sample has a Ct value of 37 or greater, there is a billion times more genetic material than from the place it started…but no active, intact virus. [1 Video, Length: 38 min, Downloadable Material, Access to Forums]

In this module, you will learn:
- The method used to collect the testing sample from the back of the throat
- How PCR testing works and why it is was only intended to be used as a laboratory
- Why PCR testing can result in a large number of false positive results
- Why a positive test does not identify the pathogen actually causing the infection
- What the cycle threshold is (Ct) and how it is determined
- Why the Ct value is key to identifying a truly infected person
- The many factors that can adversely effect the accuracy of the Ct value
- Why having a (+) PCR test with a high Ct value means you are not contagious
- Why reporting the number of “cases” is leading to unnecessary destruction of the
economy and personal lives
- The truth about symptomatic carriers
- Why “no viable virus” means “no infectivity”
- The truth about genetic databases
- How to answer this question: Should I get tested?


COVID Series – Social Distancing & Contact Tracing

COVID19 – It’s About Total Control
• They started with FEAR – False Evidence made to Appear Real
• Then they quarantined us and put us under house arrest
• Then they turned the myth of the mask into facts
• Then they separated us: social distancing
• Then they spied on us: contact tracing
• Then they convinced us: be vaccinated & be free
• Then they developed COVI-PASS to track us across the country and around the world
[1 Video, Length: 63 min, Downloadable Material, Access to Forums]


COVID Series – Laws & Liabilities

In the late 1800s in the US, waterborne illness accounted for nearly 25% of all deaths
reported in major cities, with cholera and typhoid being the biggest and fasted killers. In
fact, smallpox was way down the list in terms of active concerns. The massive
immigration to the US came infectious illnesses. It was during this point in time the a
public health service was massively needed to improve sanitation and develop water
treatment plants for drinking water. In fact, two Harvard researchers confirmed in 2004
that “Clean water technologies are likely the most important public health interventions of the 20th Century.”

But beginning in 1935 and advanced in 1965 by the Social Security Act, public health –
and your health – has become big business for the government. A large number of steps
lead us to this point: total control by the Globalists over our health freedoms.

In this course you will learn:
- A short history of quarantine
- A short history of public health – and when public health was very much needed
- How the 1935 Social Security Act was transformational to today’s government
- How permanent government funding for vaccine programs at all levels became
codified into law
- The impact of Health People recommendations, particularly Healthy People 2020
- How the release of HP 2020 projections, in 2010, became the foundation of the
global takeover of American healthcare
- Several of the key global players in the current COVID take over of the world
- The details of the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP)
- The details of the US National Vaccine Action Plan (NVAP)
- The details of the 2015 National Adult Vaccination Plan and how it is being put
into place right now
- How vaccine manufacturers obtained complete liability protection for their
products in 1986 and how that protection was greatly expanded in 2005
- The definition of a “covered countermeasure”
- How the 2005 Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP) set the
groundwork for fast-tract, unsafe COVID vaccines
- Action steps to be taken right now to fight for your right to refuse


How Spike Proteins Work

One of the top questions we get each day is "How do spike proteins work?"
We have put all the information you need about Spike Proteins in this easy to follow course in Learning 4 You. Everyone should have a concrete understanding of this information. [1 Video, Length: 24 min, Access to Forum]

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