Vaccines in America Series

We’ve graduated some of the most amazing parents, leaders, and activists and
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Vaccines in America – Approval Process

Join me on this journey to learn how a vaccine goes from concept to distribution of product. Federal agencies, clinical trials, FDA, ACIP, we will touch on it all.


Vaccines in America – Vaccine Injury

You most likely know someone who suffered a vaccine injury, even if you aren't aware of it. The sad thing is that many injuries are downplayed and normalized, making it difficult for the injured to understand what has transpired. The Vaccine Injury course will teach you about vaccine injuries, the Vaccine Injury Compensation table, VAERS, 1986 Act and more.


Vaccines in America – Vaccine Law

Vaccination laws have been in place in the US since 1905 with the passage of Jacobson vs Massachusetts, when the US government ruled that the good of all public health supersedes the right of the individual. What has happened since then and where are we headed? Or might we already be there?


Vaccines in America – Vaccine Politics

This short course will give you a good understanding of how the politics surrounding vaccines and other drugs are not meant to help the injured, but instead protect the manufacturers in every way.