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Kirk Elliott, PhD (aka “America’s Financial Doctor”) is one of our favorite guys in the financial world. He’s truly amazing and has an incredible ability for speaking the truth and teaching you the difficult financial concepts you need to know in clear and simple terms. Kirk speaks the truth and puts himself out there tirelessly to HELP YOU understand your finances and the obstacles ahead… and how to leap over them.

If you’re here, you know a bit about Dr. Kirk. Chances are, you also know someone who knows him. He has his hands in everything; he is the fearless leader that’s driving this spaceship. Kirk lives in downtown Denver with his wife, 15 year old son, and 6 month old CavaPoo named Ted. He has a passion for seeing the streets of Denver restored and the homelessness eradicated. In his free time he is on the streets, loving on the broken and mentoring inmates and former gang members. When he is not doing that, he is shredding on his electric guitar.

Kirk’s Education:
Th.D. Theology Phoenix University of Theology
Ph.D. Public Policy and Administration Walden University
M.A. International Studies University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies
B.S. Business Administration University of Colorado

Some of Kirk’s projects:
• Engaging a Culture in Conflict (2018)
• Comparative Analysis of Inflation Adjusted Investment Returns 2000-2017 (2017)
• Strategic Investing (2017)
• How Nations Die  |  Lessons from History:  The Fall of Rome and America Today (2017)
• Co-creator and producer of The Missing Chapter Curriculum (2015)
• 300 Million Slaves (2013)
• 10 Ways to Avoid the Economic Tsunami (2013)
• Surviving Global Governance (2013)
• The Gold and Silver Mastery Program Curriculum (2013)
• An Empirical Identification of an Appropriate Inflation Definition and an Inflation Targeting Monetary Policy Regime (2007)


Kirk Elliott Presents: How Nations Die

We take a look through the proverbial "looking glass" and discover what history teaches us about the current world situation. [1 Video, Length: 34 min]


Kirk Elliott Presents: How To Beat Inflation

Learn to create a financial plan so you are prepared, and in the right place at the right time! [1 Video, Length: 20 min]


Kirk Elliott Presents: Owning Gold

Dr. Elliott shares his expertise on how to strategically approach owning gold in your financial portfolio. [1 Video, Length: 26 min]


Kirk Elliott Presents: Owning Silver

We've all heard the term precious metals, yet knowing where to start isn't always easy. Dr. Elliott teaches you about all the various forms of silver, and guides you on how to add silver to your portfolio. [1 Video, Length: 12 min]


Kirk Elliott Presents: Engaging Culture In Conflict

A change in a nation happens one person at a time. Kirk Elliott explains the difference between reconciliation vs. resolving and shines light on how assumptions vs. facts contribute to how we got to where we are today. To achieve reconciliation we must 1st focus internally on creating positive change; only then can we focus externally and unite as a people. [1 Video, Length: 11 min]


Kirk Elliott Presents: Asset Class Comparative Analysis 2022

Dr. Elliott pulls back the curtain, to reveal the truth and teach us the impact inflation really has on an economy and financial system. [1 Video, Length: 17 min]


Kirk Elliott Presents: Leaders People LOVE To Follow

Do you desire to be the kind of leader who effortlessly attracts others? In this presentation, Dr. Elliott discusses the qualities, characteristics, and behaviors of successful leaders. He walks you through the skills they have mastered, and puts you on a path to become a leader others will love to follow! [1 Video, Length: 9 min]


Kirk Elliott Presents: The 2 Million Dollar Cup Of Coffee

Did you know making one simply shift in your daily expenses could help you create $2 Million of personal wealth? Dr. Elliott teaches you how! [1 Video, Length: 10 min]


Kirk Elliott Presents: State Pensions Facing Insolvency

The facts are pointing to a financial disaster looming on the horizon! Learn about the history and contributing factors, plus steps you can take to help you prepare and protect your retirement savings. [1 Video, Length: 15 min]

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