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The Stork Course Webinar

This was a LIVE webinar where Dr. Tenpenny discussed multiple topics: flat and crooked heads, Hep B and Vitamin K vaccines and supplements. Come on in and learn what Dr. Janet Levatin, a holistic pediatrician, suggests is essential for selecting a pediatrician that is best for your family. [1 Video, Length: 109 min, Access to Forums]


Pregnancy Series – RhoGAM

Course description:
In the Pregnancy Course, we examine the earliest vaccines, those given during pregnancy, or shortly thereafter: RhoGam, Vitamin K and Hepatitis B. In this module, we will explore the RhoGam injection. While this is not really a
vaccine, the question about receiving this shot during, or shortly after, delivery frequently comes up. It is important for you to understand what this injection is and why it is given to RH- mothers so you can make an informed decision about receiving this shot.
[1 Video, Length: 32 min, Downloadable Material, Access to Forums]

In this course you will learn:
* The most important tests to obtain in the early prenatal period
* When the Rh blood group system was first discovered and what it means to the developing fetus
* The incidence of Rh- blood types around the globe and in different ethnicities
* How Rh sensitization occurs and why RhoGam is important interrupt that process
* Why giving RhoGAM after sensitization occurs has no effect on outcome
* The three key factors that determine if an Rh+ fetus can cause sensitization when carried by an Rh- mother
* Learn the scenarios that increase the risk of Rh- sensitization
* How anti-D antibody was first discovered and how it is harvested for use
* Why and when RhoGAM first began being used at 28 weeks gestation instead of immediately post-partum
* The various products marketed as Rho(D) – knowing this, will help you make a better choice
* How RhoGAM is made and how it may contain risks of viral infection.
* Why RhoGAM is given – and the conditions it was designed to eliminate
* To understand the impact of the father’s Rh type and the statistical percentage of babies born to Rh- mothers who are also Rh-
* Learn about the blood test that has been available since 1997 to determine if giving RhoGAM is necessary


Pregnancy Series – Vaccines in Pregnancy

Until recently, pregnant women have been advised to avoid all types of medications, including over-the-counter preparations. What changed? This course will take you on a deep dive of the approval process of Tdap and Influenza vaccines, what the risks are and what may be coming down the pike. [2 Videos, Length: Vid 1: 38 min, Vid 2: 16 min, Downloadable Material, Access to Forums]


Pregnancy Series – Vitamin K

Course description:
In the Pregnancy Course, we examine the earliest vaccines, those given during
pregnancy, or shortly thereafter: RhoGAM, Vitamin K and Hepatitis B.
Within minutes of birth, infants receive an injection of vitamin K. Recently, parents
have begun to question this necessity of this injection. Why is it given? Is it really
necessary? Is there another option to a painful injection? [1 Video, Length: 40 min, Downloadable Material, Access to Forums]

In this course you will learn:
* The difference between the 14 different types of Vitamin K 2
* The history of why vitamin K is given to newborns
* The three types of Vitamin K deficiency in newborns and which type is most serious
* The surprisingly toxic ingredients within the vitamin K injection
* The association between vitamin K and cancer
* The lack of testing for toxicity among the ingredients
* Why oral drops have been used internationally but are not routinely used in the United States
* The real reason why prescription vitamin K injection has never been developed for newborns
* Why giving vitamin K to newborns may be completely unnecessary with the exception of specific high risk groups
* The foods with the highest amount of vitamin K


Pregnancy Series – Hepatitis B

Course description:
Within the first hours of birth, a hepatitis B vaccine is given to newborn infants, and if the mother is hepatitis B positive, she is injected with HBIG, which is hepatitis B immune globulin. In 1991, Congress asked the vaccine manufacturers to show the data that they has collected to show that the hepatitis B vaccine was safe to give to newborns. Their answer, “We don't have that data. The vaccine was tested on children 5 to 10years of age.” [1 Video, Length: 37 min, Downloadable Material, Access to Forums]

What you will learn in this course:

* How hepatitis B is contracted
* The true incidence of hepatitis B, the risk of becoming a chronic carrier, and the risk of developing cancer from this viral infection
* The astonishing low frequency of chronic carriers and incidence of long term adverse effects
* The time line for recommending hepatitis B vaccines to newborns.
* Why the earliest hepatitis B vaccines were rejected for use.
* The real reason why the CDC moved to vaccinate infants instead of only high risk adults
* The recommendations to give hepatitis B vaccines to preemies
* Why fractionated doses are not recommended
* Why hepatitis B vaccines in infants may be associated with inflammatory bowls disease


Maternal/Child Healthcare for the 21st Century

Pregnancy is Not a Medical Condition!!!
What if guidance the medical community delivers to expectant parents is totally backwards & at best misguided?

In this course, Dr. Northrup & Dr. Palevsky equip you with the facts that every expectant mother & father must know (yet your OBGYN never shares) to successfully travel & completely enjoy the various stages of pregnancy & birth (from pre-conception, conception, gestation, birth & what Dr. Northrup titles, "the 4th trimester").

The journey of pregnancy is one of natural transformation & complete joy -- come walk with Drs. Northrup & Palevsky as they teach you how to successfully navigate each stage of the pregnancy experience armed with the knowledge you need, so you can avoid the unnecessary "noise" that the medical community tells parents the must do!

Pregnancy is not a medical condition, it's a gift! And now is the time to reclaim the complete joy of the experience, Drs. Northrup & Palevsky teach you how!
[1 Video, Length: 60 min, Downloadable Material, Quiz]

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