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This is the one you heard about. MVI Boot Camp is our flagship offering.
We’ve graduated some of the most amazing parents, leaders, and activists and
created an exciting community.

Please note that you CANNOT simply register for a Boot Camp at any time. We offer the Boot Camp only a few times a year and we open the registration, then CLOSE it before classes begin. However, you CAN purchase a “Boot Camp Classic” course and watch previously recorded Boot Camp videos at your own leisure and flexibility.


Information Warfare, Symbolism & the War on Humanity

In all wars there are secret codes - the secret code of this war, the information war, is symbolism.

What are each of these (information warfare, symbolism & humanity) and why is it vitally important to understand the collective impact on today's world?

Information Warfare in it's broadest sense is an struggle over the information & communications process.

Symbolism (noun) Merriam Webster defines symbolism as: the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible or sensuous representations.

Humanity (noun) per Merriam Webster is defined as: compassionate, sympathetic, or generous behavior or disposition : the quality or state of being humane.

"When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men." Manly P. Hall

In this course, Dr. Merritt delivers a comprehensive examination into the learning to read the language of symbolism.

Knowledge is Power! [1 Video, Length: 70 min, Downloadable Questions]


Exiting the System

Our current "health care system" is an oxymoron (a self-contradicting word or group of words: Merriam Webster), focused on diagnosis management & not overall health. It is oftentimes driven by what the insurance company will pay for, not what is best for the patient. Doctors seem to only know how to follow an algorithm or protocol.

If the current system isn't aligned with achieving the goals of optimizing overall health, what do we need to change and how do we accomplish that? Do we simply need a course correction or do we need to exit the current system & go in an entirely different direction?

In this course Dr. Tenpenny discusses:

* the multiple factors contributing to the current state of the "health care system".
*why we need something better.
*why we deserve something superior.
* what the foundational building blocks are and why they begin with a change of mindset.
* the mission and vision necessary to create a comprehensive, partnership focused, personalized, integrative medical care structure.


Maternal/Child Healthcare for the 21st Century

Pregnancy is Not a Medical Condition!!!
What if guidance the medical community delivers to expectant parents is totally backwards & at best misguided?

In this course, Dr. Northrup & Dr. Palevsky equip you with the facts that every expectant mother & father must know (yet your OBGYN never shares) to successfully travel & completely enjoy the various stages of pregnancy & birth (from pre-conception, conception, gestation, birth & what Dr. Northrup titles, "the 4th trimester").

The journey of pregnancy is one of natural transformation & complete joy -- come walk with Drs. Northrup & Palevsky as they teach you how to successfully navigate each stage of the pregnancy experience armed with the knowledge you need, so you can avoid the unnecessary "noise" that the medical community tells parents the must do!

Pregnancy is not a medical condition, it's a gift! And now is the time to reclaim the complete joy of the experience, Drs. Northrup & Palevsky teach you how!
[1 Video, Length: 60 min, Downloadable Material, Quiz]


Becoming Your Own Healer

Have you ever asked yourself...

* How does the human body work and what is its purpose?
* What does the body have the power to do?
* Is man-made "medicine" necessary to be healthy?
* What strategies support the human body & which ones should I limit or avoid?

Dr. Palevsky explains the basics of how the human body functions in both health & illness.

This course will teach you:

*How the body works.
*What is really happening when we get "sick".
*How the body responds to different inputs.
*Simple & straight forward strategies you can do to support a return to homeostasis (balance).
*Methods that will help you gain confidence to become a successful healer in your own home.


How to Live Healthy

The human body is not simply a collection of individual parts - every cell is inter-connected; every input and/or output has an effect on the entire being - we are created in Gods image to be a beautiful balance of the mind, body & soul.

Man made substances cannot & do not deliver the same potential beneficial properties of those created & found throughout nature.

In this course, Dr. Madej introduces you to natural building blocks, plants & strategies you can implement to fortify your entire body, aid in the body's intended optimal functioning & man made substances to avoid.

[1 Video, Length: 65 min, Downloadable Material, Quiz]


Ethics of How We Got Here and The History of Modern Medicine

Many of us think of "Modern Medicine" and wonder: How did we get here? History from the 19th and 20th centuries hold the key.

The building blocks of the past are actively at play today in America & around the world.

"At the core of ethical conduct is conscience; ethics lacks principles to help distinguish good decisions from rationalized misconduct." (Fr. Robert Spitzer)

Dr. Merritt believes, that we are smart people but we're in an ugly situation. The medical community is rationalizing their misconduct and we are paying the price.

In this course you will gain an understanding of past perspectives & learn how that history has influenced the current medical environment.

[1 Video, Length: 42 min, Bibliography of Books, Quiz]


Dr. Tenpenny’s ‘5 Docs Boot Camp’


Prepping Boot Camp – Medical Essentials

What to include in your medical 'Bug Out Bag'


Boot Camp Modulo Uno

Este es el módulo uno de nuestro Boot Camp. ¿Son las vacunas seguras y efectivas? ¿Qué significan realmente esos términos? Con este módulo, comenzará a comprender la importancia de sus verdaderos significados y cómo comenzar a conectar los puntos.


Canning & Prepping Boot Camp – Spring 2022

Now is the time for you to get it together and start prepping. The global situation is NOT getting any better and the world is on a tipping point that could take us into disastrous territory at the blink of an eye.


MVI Page 2 Weekly Points to Ponder

These 18 delectable bite sized videos were created by Dr. Tenpenny, originally for paid members of the MVI Boot Camp. They cover a multitude of topics and are tailored to help motivate you, strengthen your language techniques, and give you information that can be used to sow seeds. I hope you enjoy them as much as our students did.


MVI Boot Camp – Classic Alumni Access


MVI Boot Camp – Spring 2021

6-week Intensive Bootcamp for Mastering Vaccine Info

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