Are Vaccines Effective?

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The expression, “vaccines are safe and effective” is repeated in virtually every article and textbook that wants to only advance the positive aspects of vaccination. As a parent and a patient, we assume that when we hear “vaccines are effective,” it means that the “vaccine will keep me from getting sick.”

But is that really what effective means, when it comes to vaccines? [1 Video, Length: 21 Minutes, Downloadable Material]

In this presentation, you will learn the following about vaccine efficacy:

  • What is the dictionary definition of effective
  • Why vaccines are effective but why effective is not a synonym for protection
  • The fully vaccinated are not protected during outbreaks
  • The fully vaccinated may still contract tetanus
  • After you hear this first presentation – you will think differently when you hear someone say “vaccines are effective” and you will know core concepts to refute this premise.