Maternal/Child Healthcare for the 21st Century

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Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Larry Palevsky

Pregnancy is Not a Medical Condition!!!
What if guidance the medical community delivers to expectant parents is totally backwards & at best misguided?

In this course, Dr. Northrup & Dr. Palevsky equip you with the facts that every expectant mother & father must know (yet your OBGYN never shares) to successfully travel & completely enjoy the various stages of pregnancy & birth (from pre-conception, conception, gestation, birth & what Dr. Northrup titles, “the 4th trimester”).

The journey of pregnancy is one of natural transformation & complete joy — come walk with Drs. Northrup & Palevsky as they teach you how to successfully navigate each stage of the pregnancy experience armed with the knowledge you need, so you can avoid the unnecessary “noise” that the medical community tells parents the must do!

Pregnancy is not a medical condition, it’s a gift! And now is the time to reclaim the complete joy of the experience, Drs. Northrup & Palevsky teach you how!

[1 Video, Length: 60 min, Downloadable Material, Quiz]