Pediatric Series – Pertussis

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Course description:
Honestly, there is so much information about the pertussis and the pertussis vaccine dating back to the 1920s, an entire book could be written solely on this illness and its vaccine. Even though this module has been divided into two parts, it is only a brief overview of pertussis and pertussis vaccinations. As with all courses at Learning4you, you are encouraged to use this information as a jumping off point for further study and review. [2 Videos, Length: Vid 1: 24 min, Vid 2: 33 min, Downloadable Material, Access to Forums]

In part 1 of the Pertussis Course you will learn:

  • Why young parents should not be terrorized by a pertussis infection.
  • Why the incidence of pertussis may be increasing – or decreasing – depending on which statistics you read.
  • That pertussis is not nearly as “deadly” as reported.
  • How pertussis vaccines have failed to prevent the infection from the earliest days to the present.
  • Why there is no evidence that vaccination played a major role in the decline of pertussis mortality.
  • How the pertussis vaccination studies conducted through the 1980s-90s could not be compared to come to an adequate conclusion about efficacy.
  • That the side effects of pertussis vaccines are similar to the side effects of severe forms of pertussis infection.
  • The side effects from whole cell and acellular pertussis vaccines are similar, and often the same.
  • How vaccination “precautions” are not the same as vaccination “contraindications.”

In Part 2 of the Pertussis Course, we will intensely look at many problems associated with pertussis vaccines.
In the course you will learn:

  • Safer acellular pertussis vaccines – those that contained only inactivated pertussis toxin – were available for decades before they were put into use.
  • Understand why there is no evidence that pertussis vaccination contributed to the decline in incidence or mortality from pertussis.
  • Why trends in reactions from pertussis vaccinations are difficult to identify due to the “Small Lot Plan.”
  • The five reasons why the different brands of pertussis vaccinations can vary widely in potential for toxicity.
  • The eye-opening conclusions of both the WHO and various researchers that there is no known direct correlation between the level of pertussis antibodies and protection against pertussis.
  • Why high vaccination rates do not protect against pertussis infection outbreaks.
  • Why the scientific reasons why the vaccinated are primarily responsible for spreading pertussis infection.
  • The importance of the newly discovered third arm of the immune system, TH17, in long term pertussis protection after recovering from the infection.
  • Why the international pertussis vaccines and vaccination schedules are perhaps leading to the loss of millions of children per year in Third World nations.