Teen Series – Gardasil

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Dr, Sherri Tenpenny

Course description:
In 2006, a new vaccine was released for teens to eliminate human papilloma viral infections, with a promise preventing cervical cancer in girls. In 2014, the use of the vaccine was expanded for use in boys, to prevent cervical condyloma (venereal warts). This was a lofty promise. In fact, Gardasil appears to be primarily risk with very little – if any – benefit at all. [2 Videos, Length: Vid 1: 36 Min, Vid 2: 41 Min, Downloadable Material, Access to Forums]

What you will learn from this course:

  • The number of human papilloma viruses (HPV) in circulation and the number that have been associated with cancer
  • The low incidence of HPV infections seen in American women leading to the release of Gardasil targeting this population of women
  • The truth about the incidence of cervical cancer in the US
  • The real meaning of CIN, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
  • The critically important difference between neoplasia and neoplasm
  • The length of time it takes for each CIN classification to progress to the next level, including the extensive time required for CIN 3 lesions to progress to cervical cancer
  • The environmental risk factors necessary for the development of cervical cancer
  • Why the exposure of the cervical basement membrane is essential before the HPV viruses can bind to the tissue
  • The ingredients found in HPV vaccines and the impact of these ingredients on fertility in both boys and women
  • The reason why HPV has not been proven to cause cancer, and why Gardasil will remain primarily all risk with no benefit