Vaccines in America – Vaccine Injury

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Course description
In 1982, The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) was passed into law as a social contract between government and parents, who are required under state vaccine laws to give their children federally recommended vaccines in order to attend school. The American Academy of Pediatrics called the federal vaccine injury compensation program “justice for children.” Politicians said it would be a safety net for every child when vaccine risks turn out to be 100 percent

The fall out of the law is that Vaccine manufacturers have complete liability protection for any vaccine added to the pediatric schedule. This is why each new vaccine is loaded into the schedule designed for children. And, with complete liability protection, manufacturers have NO incentive to make a safer product The Federal Court of Claims, commonly referred to as Vaccine Court, which was intended to be non-adversarial has become hard and litigious and children who are injured suffer for life at the hands of the arbitrary and minimalist Vaccine Injury Compensation Table.

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In this course you will learn:

  • How VAERS was created and its limitations
  • How the vaccine injury claim process has become arbitrary and why sealed settlements are allowed
  • How the lawsuit, Bruesewicz v. Wyeth gave another layer of protection to vaccine companies
  • The specifics about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Table and how it works
  • The vaccine that currently has the largest number of vaccine injuries filed for claims
  • Why VAERS is an inadequate form of vaccine-injury tracking