Mini Course Series – Smallpox

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Creators: Jennifer Smith & Anurodh Vaidya

Series 3, Course 1

There is no clear answer as to what virus was being used in the “Smallpox vaccine” during the main vaccination efforts.

There is a lot of evidence, the eradication of Smallpox happened unrelated to the vaccination efforts. Scarlet Fever also disappeared and the Scarlet Fever toxin vaccine was never widely used. Think about that. Could other factors have been at play?

If you ponder it, questions begin to arise, such as:

  • Was SmallPox really eradicated by vaccination?
  • Why is SmallPox known as the vaccina virus
  • What is the relation to Cowpox? and
  • What role does a horse play?

This course answers those questions. [1 Video, Length: ~16 min, Guided Notes, Quiz]