Dr. Jason Dean #2

A proud American, Husband, Dad, and Doctor

… Those are four simple words that describe me in totality. I am a serial entrepreneur and a professional speaker worldwide. Through the online platforms, I get to help thousands and thousands of people all over the globe.

To understand any individual, it is essential to understand their background; what made them the person they are today? What events led them to the present. My childhood wasn’t much of an ideal one. However, I wasn’t abused and actually grew up around people who loved me. Despite that, I grew up in a divorced home with my mother, and her best efforts were to protect me and raise me well.

My family lacked money when I was growing up. Many times, we were on welfare and food stamps. As a teenager, I remember when my mom wanted me to buy things for her using food stamps. It was a horrible experience as a teenager, trying to see if there were any parents or friends who saw me paying for food with food stamps. The event resulted in a dramatic change in my perception of life. I understood how critical it was to take charge of my life at that moment. These are some of the circumstances that made me the person I am today.

I experienced a major life change when I found out that my grandmother had passed away, and it came as a major shock to me. Since I lived with them, my grandparents were my second parents while going to college. My gratitude and admiration for them continued to grow today. It was the third time that my grandmother had had a heart attack, and due to lack of knowledge, I couldn’t help her. That is the day I realized knowledge is power. Even though I was not too fond of college, but was grateful that I got the opportunity to learn and make a change. I was the first to graduate and become a doctor out of my entire family.

Since I graduated, my motto has been – Save people, Save America. Every day I thrive to save people and empower them so they can create a domino effect on others. Every Doctor tries to help as many people as possible and wants to reach the masses, but that is sometimes impossible or not physically feasible. But if knowledge is given to one, and that one passes it on to another, imagine the number of people we can reach.

 It was finally time to execute the huge goals I set for myself. Many years after I graduated college, I worked in the sports industry and traveled all over the country, working in professional and college sports. And while I was out helping people, I neglected my health without realizing it. Due to exertion and a poor lifestyle, I started experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, heart issues, and other things.

 I decided to see a medical doctor, and they diagnosed me with anxiety. The psychiatrist put me on anxiety meds, but it made me feel terrible. And I ended up taking myself off of them. Please consider looking through my videos to know more about why I disagree with the psychiatric practices. In the videos, I talk about the destruction they are causing children, adults, the nuclear family, and America. After this incident, I met my wife in New York, who brought a significant change in my life.

I was exposed to different healthcare in lifestyle, diet, nutrition, supplements, and chiropractic. This lifestyle believed in whole foods instead of relying on pharmaceutical medication. I truly believe my wife and natural health care saved my life.

 My life path took me from being broke to being a happy husband, loving father, successful Doctor, and entrepreneur. Each day I live my life purposefully with a passion, which is what I wish to bring to you.

Dr. Jason Dean


Parasitic Disease & Healing

For two decades Dr. Jason Dean has been working with patients from all over the globe handling complicated chronic health cases as well as autism and leaky gut. In this two-part presentation, Dr. Dean takes you through, not only the basics of how he ended up being one of the premier experts in the parasitic and Lyme infection world, but also takes you step by step through the reasons for why so many people struggle with parasites, Lyme and leaky gut type infections.
[2 Videos, Length: ~ 30min Each]

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