Pregnancy Series – Vitamin K

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Is Vitamin K really a vitamin? You may be surprised to learn what Vitamin K really is, what the ingredients are and why it is given. This course will arm you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision in determining if this injection is necessary.

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Course description: In the Pregnancy Course, we examine the earliest vaccines, those given during pregnancy, or shortly thereafter: RhoGAM, Vitamin K and Hepatitis B. Within minutes of birth, infants receive an injection of vitamin K. Recently, parents have begun to question this necessity of this injection. Why is it given? Is it really necessary? Is there another option to a painful injection? [1 Video, Length: 40 min, Downloadable Material, Access to Forums] In this course you will learn:

  • The difference between the 14 different types of Vitamin K 2
  • The history of why vitamin K is given to newborns
  • The three types of Vitamin K deficiency in newborns and which type is most serious
  • The surprisingly toxic ingredients within the vitamin K injection
  • The association between vitamin K and cancer
  • The lack of testing for toxicity among the ingredients
  • Why oral drops have been used internationally but are not routinely used in the United States
  • The real reason why prescription vitamin K injection has never been developed for newborns
  • Why giving vitamin K to newborns may be completely unnecessary with the exception of specific high risk groups
  • The foods with the highest amount of vitamin K