Are Vaccines Safe?



Vaccines are touted as the most important public health contribution of the 21st century. We are told vaccines are safe; vaccines are effective – i.e. they protect you from getting sick; and that vaccines are so important, vaccines should be mandatory for all. But are vaccines safe? Have then even been appropriately tested for safety? Webster’s dictionary defines “safe” as involving no risk and being unable to cause trouble or damage. In this presentation, we will examine the truth behind vaccine safety.

In this presentation, you will learn the following about vaccine safety:

  • The various strange study designs that are used to declare a vaccine is safe
  • Vaccines studies do not follow the Gold Standard for biological research
  • Vaccine studies do not use a placebo to test for safety
  • Vaccine studies compare one vaccine to another vaccine for safety
  • Vaccine studies eliminate participants from the final analysis who have had adverse reactions
  • Only healthy participants are enrolled into vaccine trials
  • The WHO’s guidelines regard the use of a placebo in safety trials to be ‘unethical’

After you hear this first presentation – you will think differently when you hear someone say “vaccines are safe” and you will know core concepts to refute this premise. [1 Video, Length: 29 minutes, Downloadable Material]