Vaccines in America – Approval Process

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Join me on this journey to learn how a vaccine goes from concept to distribution of product. Federal agencies, clinical trials, FDA, ACIP, we will touch on it all.

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Course description: The process of taking vaccines from concept to distribution can take many years. The initial research often begins in at the NIH, with your tax dollars. Once the product appears viable, it is actually given to the drug companies to perform clinical trials prior to approval, then marketing and distribution. [1 Video, Length: 25 min, Downloadable Material, Access to Forums] In this course you will learn:

  • The role federal agencies play in the vaccine approval process
  • The real purpose of Phase 1 clinical trials
  • The number of persons needed in Phase 3 trials to make the trial valid
  • The government agencies involved with over sight of vaccine injuries, before and after approval
  • The problems the FDA is having in fulfilling its state missing and maintaining scientific standards
  • Understand with ACIP is and why this organization is not required to work in the best interest of the general public
  • The cost to operate ACIP and its activities to approve vaccines for use at the state level and public health departments