What About Smallpox?

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Nearly every time you begin a conversation with someone who is pro-vaccine or has never given vaccination much thought, the discussion usually starts with, “Well, they eliminated smallpox with vaccines didn’t they?”

Did they? What if most of what you’ve known about smallpox and the smallpox vaccine was incorrect?

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Why the living conditions at the turn of the century in American cities lead to the rampant contamination by filth diseases
  • The five forms of smallpox and why the most common was the least fatal
  • The link between the smallpox vaccine and cardiac deaths
  • The course of a smallpox infection and the difficulty with transmission, even by conventional medical standards
  • The overlooked vector for spreading smallpox to others
  • Another version of American history and smallpox infestation with the American Indians
  • The CDC’s explanation for the cause of death from variola major
  • A short history of the development of the smallpox vaccine
  • How the first Jenner smallpox inoculations were administered
  • How big money, big politics, and the infant medical industry were interwoven with vaccination from its very inception