Mini Course Series – Human and Animal Ingredients


Creators: Jennifer Smith & Anurodh Vaidya Series 4, Course 4

CONTENT WARNING: This course discusses difficult truths about the harvesting & use of humans and animals in the drug development process.


What are?

  • WI-38
  • MRC-5
  • HEK-293
  • PERC.6
  • WALVAX-2

These are the names of some of the fetal cell lines contained in vaccines. While companies claim the final products are void of any human element, eradication cannot be achieved, making fetal cell lines present in the vaccines people receive.

Did your provider make you aware of this and are you ok with it? This is known as Informed Consent… which is required, by law.

This course discusses the details of how these human cell lines are obtained and used, while tapping into the resources of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the National Primate Research Center (NPCR) to show how the animals in research are exploited.

[1 Video, Length ~ 13 min, Guided Notes, Quiz]