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Pregnancy Series – Vitamin K

Course description:In the Pregnancy Course, we examine the earliest vaccines, those given duringpregnancy, or shortly thereafter: RhoGAM, Vitamin K and Hepatitis B.Within minutes of birth, infants receive an injection of vitamin K. Recently, parentshave begun to question this necessity of this injection. Why is it given? Is it reallynecessary? Is there another option to a

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Teen Series – Gardasil

Dr, Sherri Tenpenny Course description:In 2006, a new vaccine was released for teens to eliminate human papilloma viral infections, with a promise preventing cervical cancer in girls. In 2014, the use of the vaccine was expanded for use in boys, to prevent cervical condyloma (venereal warts). This was a lofty promise. In fact, Gardasil appears

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Pediatric Series – Tetanus

The first tetanus vaccines were introduced in 1914 and not much has changed in the manufacturing process since that time. The Clostridia tetani spores can only germinate and release tetanospasmin within an anaerobic (oxygen deprived) environment. Therefore, tetanus is a problem of wound hygiene, not a problem associated with vaccination status… [1 Video, Length: 29

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Pediatric Series – Influenza

Each year, the masses are encouraged to rush to their doctors’ offices for their annual flu shot. Thousands of times per week, we told at every turn, “Influenza vaccination is the primary method for preventing influenza and its severe complications.” The message is used to imprint the necessity of the flu vaccine into our collective

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