Young Adult Series – Introduction to Vaccine Ingredients & Package Inserts

Description: This course defines the common terms found in package inserts, outlines the various sections and guides your navigation of any products’ package insert.  * This is the perfect primer for Dr. Tenpenny’s comprehensive “How to Read a Package Insert” course. {Find the course here:} [1 Video, Length ~12 min, Guided Notes, Quiz]

Young Adult Series – Mumps

Creators: Jennifer Smith & Anurodh Vaidya Series 3, Course 3 Government fraud, adulterated data, falsely certified results & the mumps vaccine monopoly. This is one of the most absurd & ridiculous stories of any of the vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule. We examine the motivations behind the creation of the Mumps vaccine & how …

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Young Adult Series – Smallpox

Creators: Jennifer Smith & Anurodh Vaidya Series 3, Course 1 There is no clear answer as to what virus was being used in the “Smallpox vaccine” during the main vaccination efforts. There is a lot of evidence, the eradication of Smallpox happened unrelated to the vaccination efforts. Scarlet Fever also disappeared and the Scarlet Fever …

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Young Adult Series – Polio

Creators: Jennifer Smith & Anurodh Vaidya Series 3, Course 2 The story of Polio and polio vaccination has become synonymous with vaccine success, but is it? There are so many questions and not much information readily available. This course will quickly walk you through the facts to uncover and expose the truth. [1 Video, Length: …

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