Exiting the System

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Our current “health care system” is an oxymoron (a self-contradicting word or group of words: Merriam Webster), focused on diagnosis management & not overall health. It is oftentimes driven by what the insurance company will pay for, not what is best for the patient. Doctors seem to only know how to follow …

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Becoming Your Own Healer

Dr. Larry Palevsky Have you ever asked yourself… Dr. Palevsky explains the basics of how the human body functions in both health & illness. This course will teach you:

How to Live Healthy

Dr. Carrie Madej The human body is not simply a collection of individual parts – every cell is inter-connected; every input and/or output has an effect on the entire being – we are created in Gods image to be a beautiful balance of the mind, body & soul. Man made substances cannot & do not …

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Are Vaccines Effective?

The expression, “vaccines are safe and effective” is repeated in virtually every article and textbook that wants to only advance the positive aspects of vaccination. As a parent and a patient, we assume that when we hear “vaccines are effective,” it means that the “vaccine will keep me from getting sick.” But is that really …

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Are Vaccines Safe?

Vaccines are touted as the most important public health contribution of the 21st century. We are told vaccines are safe; vaccines are effective – i.e. they protect you from getting sick; and that vaccines are so important, vaccines should be mandatory for all. But are vaccines safe? Have then even been appropriately tested for safety? …

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How To Read A Package Insert

Course description: Those who admonish others to, “educate before you vaccinate,” general direct new parents to “read the package insert.” This actually is a very good place to start, if you have a medical background. If not, the folded paper that is loaded with many categories, medical terminology and tiny print can be daunting. In …

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Parasitic Disease & Healing

For two decades Dr. Jason Dean has been working with patients from all over the globe handling complicated chronic health cases as well as autism and leaky gut. In this two-part presentation, Dr. Dean takes you through, not only the basics of how he ended up being one of the premier experts in the parasitic …

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Kirk Elliott Presents: How Nations Die

We take a look through the proverbial “looking glass” and discover what history teaches us about the current world situation. [1 Video, Length: 34 min]

Kirk Elliott Presents: State Pensions Facing Insolvency

The facts are pointing to a financial disaster looming on the horizon! Learn about the history and contributing factors, plus steps you can take to help you prepare and protect your retirement savings. [1 Video, Length: 15 min]

Kirk Elliott Presents: Owning Gold

Dr. Elliott shares his expertise on how to strategically approach owning gold in your financial portfolio. Learn to create a financial plan so you are prepared, and in the right place at the right time! [1 Video, Length: 26 min]

Kirk Elliott Presents: Owning Silver

We’ve all heard the term precious metals, yet knowing where to start isn’t always easy. Dr. Elliott teaches you about all the various forms of silver, and guides you on how to add silver to your portfolio. [1 Video, Length: 12 min]