The Second Coming of Saturn

This four-week series is a deep dive into a supernatural enemy who has plagued humanity since the beginning of time. Author Derek Gilbert will take you through the research behind his most recent book The Second Coming of Saturn to identify the leader of the rebellious “sons of God” mentioned in Genesis 6, explain how …

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Heavenly Signs and The Gospel Truth

S. Douglas Woodward is an author, researcher, speaker on the history of the Bible, Bible Prophecy, American Spiritual History, the Apocalypse in Culture, and the Paranormal. He discusses a series of issues involving astronomy, alien myths, the impact of CERN (the Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland) on the earth, and the astronomical facts about Christ’s …

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2023 Survival Hike Challenge

You’ve taken the Prepping & Survival Boot Camps. You’ve learned how to construct a survival kit and bugout pack. Now, put yourself to the test!JOIN our community of CHALLENGERS and GET OUT THERE AND HIKE. We’ve designed a challenge for our Learning4You family to MOTIVATE and TEACH you… all while getting outdoors and getting healthier. …

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Giants – Sons of God

Giants Series with Dr. Tenpenny and Experts Doug Van Dorn and Dr. Judd Burton Most people have no idea how many giants are in the Bible. Most of us grew up hearing the story of David and Goliath. But, what isn’t known by almost anyone is that Goliath was one of the last giants!  These …

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Kirk Elliott Presents: How Nations Die

We take a look through the proverbial “looking glass” and discover what history teaches us about the current world situation. [1 Video, Length: 34 min]

Kirk Elliott Presents: State Pensions Facing Insolvency

The facts are pointing to a financial disaster looming on the horizon! Learn about the history and contributing factors, plus steps you can take to help you prepare and protect your retirement savings. [1 Video, Length: 15 min]

Kirk Elliott Presents: Owning Gold

Dr. Elliott shares his expertise on how to strategically approach owning gold in your financial portfolio. Learn to create a financial plan so you are prepared, and in the right place at the right time! [1 Video, Length: 26 min]

Kirk Elliott Presents: Owning Silver

We’ve all heard the term precious metals, yet knowing where to start isn’t always easy. Dr. Elliott teaches you about all the various forms of silver, and guides you on how to add silver to your portfolio. [1 Video, Length: 12 min]

EMF Protection: Science and Practice

According to over 20,000 studies and scientific papers, household EMF’s can cause many different symptoms and biological effects. These effects may include: fatigue, sleep disturbances, difficulties in concentration, enhanced negative effects on children, headache, increased risk of cancer, reproductive disturbances and many, many more. Interestingly, bio-effects from EMF’s ALWAYS include DNA Damage… that’s simply scary! …

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Chlorine Dioxide and Restoring Ancient Medicine

Dr. Lee Merritt addresses the confusion of Chlorine Dioxide and sheds light on the history, uses and more. Join her in this presentation as she provides a practical guide to getting started on this journey. [1 Video, Length: 49 min, Downloadable Material]

What About Smallpox?

Nearly every time you begin a conversation with someone who is pro-vaccine or has never given vaccination much thought, the discussion usually starts with, “Well, they eliminated smallpox with vaccines didn’t they?” Did they? What if most of what you’ve known about smallpox and the smallpox vaccine was incorrect? [2 Videos, Length: Vid 1: 37 …

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What About Polio?

The word polio has long burned images into the collective psyche. In fact, 63 years after the polio vaccine was released (in 1955) when asked, “What pops into your head when you hear the word polio?” – the vast majority still say: paralysis, kids with braces. FDR, March of Dimes, or iron lung machines. The …

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