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Pregnancy Series – Vaccines in Pregnancy

Until recently, pregnant women have been advised to avoid all types of medications, including over-the-counter preparations. What changed? This course will take you on a deep dive of the approval process of Tdap and Influenza vaccines, what the risks are and what may be coming down the pike.

Teen Series – Gardasil

What is HPV? How often does it occur and does it really cause cancer? What about the Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines?  What impact do their ingredients have on the body? Are they “safe”? Sometimes the fear of the diagnosis interferes with the thought process of being able to ask the right questions and digest the …

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Problematic Ingredients – Adjuvants

An adjuvant is “a substance which accelerates, prolongs and enhances the quality of a specific immune [antibody] response when incorporated into a vaccine formulation.”  Since the turn of the 20th century, when they were first used in the production of diphtheria anti-toxin, many chemicals have been investigated and introduced as adjuvants in vaccines, and more …

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Problematic Ingredients – Foreign Proteins

Vaccines contain not only the surface antigens from pathogens for which they are intended to provide immunity, but other animal, human and viral protein and cellular components, including fetal and tumor cells.  This module explains the different types of foreign biological matter found in vaccines, and some of the potential problems arising from their use.

Problematic Ingredients – Chemicals

The list “Polysorbate 80, Borax, Formaldehyde, Gelatin, Latex, B-propiolactone, Triton X100, Ethylene oxide, Sodium deoxycholate” sounds like the ingredients of something you might find under the kitchen sink.  However, these are some of the most toxic of the over 200 chemicals found in vaccines today.  We discuss the chemistry and potential side effects of these …

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Pregnancy Series – RhoGAM

The thought of a new baby can be exhilarating yet terrifying. Every mother and father want what is best for their child and as development begins in the womb, you wonder how to best protect him/her. Then the doctor says you are RH-. What does that mean? Join me in this course to learn all …

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The Stork Course Webinar

This was a LIVE webinar where Dr. Tenpenny discussed multiple topics: flat and crooked heads, Hep B and Vitamin K vaccines and supplements. Come on in and learn what Dr. Janet Levatin, a holistic pediatrician, suggests is essential for selecting a pediatrician that is best for your family.