Exiting the System

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Our current “health care system” is an oxymoron (a self-contradicting word or group of words: Merriam Webster), focused on diagnosis management & not overall health. It is oftentimes driven by what the insurance company will pay for, not what is best for the patient. Doctors seem to only know how to follow an algorithm or protocol.

If the current system isn’t aligned with achieving the goals of optimizing overall health, what do we need to change and how do we accomplish that? Do we simply need a course correction, or do we need to exit the current system & go in an entirely different direction?

In this course Dr. Tenpenny discusses:

* The multiple factors contributing to the current state of the “health care system”.

*Why we need something better.

*Why we deserve something superior.

* What the foundational building blocks are and why they begin with a change of mindset.

* The mission and vision necessary to create a comprehensive, partnership focused, personalized, integrative medical care structure.