Mini Course Series – Aluminum


Creators: Jennifer Smith & Anurodh Vaidya

Series 4, Course 3


Aluminum is an adjuvant that is added to vaccines. What is an adjuvant? An adjuvant is used to “wake up” the immune system and help it to build a stronger immune response to whatever is coming through a needle.

But, does it really wake it up or does it irritate it? Are there consequences that are disruptive to our immune system and how does that affect our health?

Dr. Chris Exley, known as Dr. Aluminum, who’s sole scientific focus is the study of the metal Aluminum, has compiled a massive amount of data on this topic.

We cover some of Dr. Exley’s data, discoveries and knowledge, in this information packed, short video. His evidence demonstrates that aluminum has no business being injected into your body and will make you think twice before taking a vaccine.

Do you know which vaccines contain this chemical compound?

[1 Video, Length ~12 minutes, Guided Notes, Quiz]